January Giveaway {#2014GiveBack}

My friend Aimee and I brainstorm…a lot.  Business, life, and more.  It’s not uncommon for us to talk daily about what’s next in our business ventures. But this week, she spurred me to stop.  Crazy if you know either of us.

“Let’s lay it down for this first month of 2014 and give.”, she said.

So we are!

We are so excited to use the beginning of the New Year as a way to give back.  To give back to small businesses, our community, and you!

So many times it’s so easy to get caught up in work and life that we forget that we’ve been called to give.

Give of our time, our efforts, and our gifts.
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      • N says

        Starting a wp blog niftyandfaintlyfifty.com & have been researching design….love your work…hope mine with be as cute & nifty as all the others! God Bless :)

  1. Lisa says

    I’m on a break from blogging but I’m going start blogging next month. This would be great start to get my blog up and running.

  2. Kris "matters" Davis says

    As of right now I have been in process of writing a blog but the latter part of this last year I have been ill going in and out of ERs and continued DRs appts. I can’t seem to get ahead. My ultimate goal is for a website and blog to bring awareness to the dysautonomia community. Dysautonomia are symptoms that occur with your autonomic nervous system which can happen with numerous people from other diseases they may have (autoimmune) or after an injury or car accident. As of right now there are very few states that recognize and treat these symptoms due to lack of knowledge. So many suffer and do not have the resources to know what to do to seek out help. I also suffer from it which has turned my whole world that I once knew upside down.
    So this is my plan- advocacy, Knowlege about dr.s (even phone consults) awareness and getting us all connected socially for help and guidance.
    Kris “matters” Davis

  3. says

    Have a site that is all about giving http://www.teachingchristschildren.com Giving to other business with free product promotion. Giving to the community to help them identify Christian/family friendly products. Actually just attempted to switch my blog over to wordpress, had four days of work to do it. Became overwhelmed and could not figure it out. Would love to win.

  4. says

    Everyone seems to be praising the move from Blogger to WordPress, so this would be an ideal opportunity to get some help! Plus having someone help me with social media shoutouts would be totally awesome! Please pick me!!!

  5. Aimee T says

    It’s been long abandoned but thismessyhouse.com would be back up and running if I were to win this! I would like to make it more interactive with info on small scale farming, raising animals, living green and raising a teen with a disability. Not your typical mommy blog but interesting nonetheless!

  6. says

    I’ve been blogging since 2010 but just recently started taking it more seriously. I moved to my own domain, and it could really use some sprucing up!

  7. says

    I recently started a new blog sharing online bargains and would love help improving Bargains Across Borders’ design so that I can focus on sharing the deals.

  8. says

    I would love to have a website redesign done on my family blog The Dish on Parenting – thedishonparenting.blogspot.com. I have designed a logo and have had business cards made with my logo and info on them but that’s as far as I can go. I don’t even know how to put my logo on my blog so I’m stuck right now. I’m trying to promote my blog/brand to families but feel my site looks unprofessional and disorganized. I want it to flow in one direction with the colors I’ve created in my logo. I’ve worked for an internet marketing company, but worked on website optimization, no design work so I’m completely lost when it comes to making the look of the site actually look good.

  9. Leanna says

    I am getting ready to start up a blog and online store for preparing your family and home from anything like natural disasters to losing a job/income this would be perfect to help us get up and running!!!

  10. Ashley Trail says

    Well ladies and gentleman, I am new to the whole internet prospect and blogging. I started over a year ago reading blogs by women that inspired me in so many ways. I was in a pretty bad spot I separated from my husband and started on the path to getting my life back, while providing for my son all he needed and deserves. With that being said, I lost all of my possessions, my job, almost my car and had a battle for custody during the desperation and divorce process. I had failed in my college courses and had to drop out to take care of my son. I know that I am not the only person that has had to go through tough times, but when you live this life and feel this pain you feel alone and desperate. However there’s a sliver lining …..I have been on the mend and am in the process of turning my life around in so many ways and I have been touched by many people and touched others lives as well. I want to use my website (in the making) as a platform to touch and transform lives. This outlet to vent and be honest about issues that are relevant to young women is my passion. Thank you for taking the time to hear what I have to say :)

  11. Lisa says

    We’re going to be starting a micro-dairy before long so a website for that would be awesome. If not that, then I have a photography business I’m trying to get off the going, and a website for that would be nice, too.

  12. says

    I have quite a few sites that could use some help. As a mom of 4 who works full time, homeschools one of my kids, and blogs on top of all that, there never seems to be enough time to take care of the design work that needs to happen. I’d really like a facelift on Nickels-n-Dimes.com or maybe I’d take one of my many domain names and turn them into something cool!

  13. says

    I want to start a new blog! A lush welcoming Home and Garden blog that invites everybody into this southern ladies home. My current blog will have to stay on blogger. :) The heart wants what the heart wants. Thanks so much for the opportunity! You both are awesome!

  14. says

    I’ve been blogging for a few months but want to move from blogger to wordpress and find a different host. I find Google’s regulations a little stifling. I’d love professional input into webdesign.

  15. Pamela says

    I’ve been a Company Director of a limited company I own and set up in 2004 which has been very successful but we have never had a website! (We’ve never had the time to sort it!) We need to get one sorted before it becomes an even more embarrassing state of affairs than it is already!

  16. Laura says

    Fantastic prize, I’ve outgrown my Tumblr and want to switch over to wordpress but was unsure how to go about designing so this would be great :)

  17. says

    Hi there, I am a writer and a blogger. I have a website which at the moment is closed / under maintenance. I would like to make my blog more pretty and nice / enjoyable to visit. Win this giveaway would be perfect! Thanx :)

  18. Jordanae Kimball says

    My husband and I want to start our own lawn care business in our community to supplement his teacher’s salary during the summer! It would be FANTASTIC to have help designing a website to promote our business and help it be successful!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  19. Christina Jarrett says

    I’m setting up a business, selling online art courses and would really love this package to help me get started! x

  20. says

    I would love to win as I am an internationally award winning photographer and visual artist. I am the CIWEM Young Environmental Photographer of The Year 2013 and I have also won first places with National Geographic,The World Photography Organisation, Nature’s Best Photography and The National Trust to name only a few.

    My photography has been published in the Telegraph, The Guardian, The British Journal of Psychiatry, Life Force Magazine, British Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and as the front cover of books and magazines extensively throughout the world.

    My art is globally exhibited, having shown work in New York, Paris, London, Rome, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Copenhagen, Washington, Canada, Spain, Japan and Australia amongst many other locations. I was also the only person from the UK to have my work displayed in the National Geographic and Airbus run See The Bigger Picture global exhibition tour with the United Nations International Year Of Biodiversity 2010.

    The written work of mine has had permanent showcase on the official company blog of Zenfolio. In 2012 I was especially invited by the founder of the BCC to contribute an article to highlight the importance of the Day Of The Imprisoned Writer.

  21. hazel murphy says

    In the spirit of giving , my friend needs a web site from scratch for his handyman business, if I should win the website design would be for him.

  22. Tessy says

    I would love to win. Just moved over to new home and could profit by a new look. Would be perfect to win as I take steps to reach a larger audience.

  23. Kirsty Norton says

    I would love to win as I have a business idea for a specific review website…I have no web design experience and although I am trying to learn, it is taking forever!

    Amazing prize!

  24. Liz ferguson says

    Id like to set up a blog about life on our small holding.
    We keep hens, goats and horses.
    We grow 90% of our own food.
    We cut timber.
    We’re never short of new projects and old favourites, so there is never a dull moment.
    A new project for this year is going to turn an old pop up swimming pool into a aquaponics – this is a system of raising fish and using their excrement to feed vegetables/duck-weed – which in turn feed the fish! Sounds complicated, but isn’t, really.
    Would love to capture this developing project on a blog.

  25. Tom G says

    As I have rheumatoid arthritis I cannot work in my normal job anymore and have decided to try and start my own business. At the moment I am starting a facebook page and would like to have a website to go with it.


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